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Registration for the 2022-2023 Season is Closed!

Southern California Youth Rugby (SCYR) Age and Weight Requirements

U8 (Ages 6 & 7) - No requirements
U10 (Ages 7-9) as of September 1 • 120 lb maximum weight
U12 (Ages 9-11) as of September 1 • 145 lb maximum weight
BU14 Light (Ages 11-13) as of September 1 • 180 lb maximum weight

Limited Max Cap Waiver available if within 10% of Max Weight

Limited Older/Lighter Waiver available for older players who wish to play down. Restrictions vary depending on age group.

To complete registration, please complete the following steps in order:

1) Register at USA Rugby first.
2) Finish registration at the SCYR/Rising Eagles page at MatchFacts.


copy of birth certificate, passport
• photograph (shoulder to head) of player, e.g., photo used for school I.D.
• photo of player standing on a scale with weight clearly shown (take two if necessary)

IMPORTANT: All players have to be registered with USA Rugby first before visiting SCYR/Rising Eagles page.

Rising Eagles will follow all LA County Covid protocols for youth sports.


1) Let's go to USA Rugby. Register

2) Now let's finish at our SCYR/Rising Eagles page MatchFacts here.
   • Need help with MatchFacts? Here's a
cheat sheet!
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